You spent a lot of time in front of the monitor and looking for the best computer monitor for poor eyesight then this article is for you.

For poor eyesight, you should have a large and good quality monitor which provides you excellent image display and accurate colors. So you can clearly view the content from different angles and the image quality remains the same.

Finding the best monitor for eyes that is large in size and having the best eye care technology is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort but don’t worry we make your work easy and sharing a list for you through which you can quickly select your required monitor.

Some people think that large screen size monitors work best for poor eyesight and some say that a monitor which has excellent color accuracy works best. Our list focuses on both specifications, and we also discuss the pros and cons of each monitor.

List of Best Computer Monitor for Poor Eyesight

Name Size Check Price
Dell U3415W 34 inch Check Price
ViewSonic VP3481 34 Inch Check Price
ASUS PB328Q 32 Inch Check Price
Samsung CF391 32 Inch Check Price
BenQ EW2780Q 27 Inch Check Price
Sceptre C305W 30 Inch Check Price
Philips 273V7QJAB 27 Inch Check Price

1. Dell 34 Inch Curved Monitorbest computer monitor for eyes


This monitor is expensive but one of the best computer monitor for eye problems. It has a large curved display on which you can comfortably do your work for many hours and easily read different large-size documents and excels files.

Coming toward the detail, it has 34 inches curved screen and has 3440 x 1440 pixels maximum screen resolution, provide you high detailed picture quality. Due to its curved screen, this 1440p monitor offers an immersive viewing experience and best viewing comfort. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 21:9.

Due to its picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture options you can display content from 2 different pc at the same time. So you can easily do your multitasking work using just one mouse and keyboard. It has a swivel, tilt, and height-adjustable stand through which you can easily adjust your monitor position for the best viewing experience. You can adjust its height up to 115mm and also wall mount compatible.

Design is awesome having thin edges and another best feature is, it has built-in cable management which keeps your computer desk clean and in an organized form. This monitor has all important ports like USB 3.0, HDMI, MHL, display port, and mini display port. Some other features are, brightness value is 300 CD/M², built-in speakers are decent enough, and comes with 99% SRGB which provides you great colors.

Final Thoughts

This monitor has a large display and comes with good screen resolution, so you can clearly read large office documents, PDF files and also best for doing other daily computing work. The picture quality is excellent and it has good wide viewing angles. If you don’t have a budget problem and looking for a monitor which has a curved design and gives you the best display result then this is a perfect choice for you.

  • Excellent display
  • Curved and large screen
  • Adjustable Stand
  • Best for multitasking
  • Accurate colors
  • Expensive
  • Average speakers

2. ViewSonic Curved Monitorbest monitor for eyes


This is another one of the best computer display for eyes on which you can clearly see your large office documents, PDF books, and many more.  It is available in black color and its design is one of the best on this list.

This curved monitor has a 34-inch screen size, maximum screen resolution is 3440 X 1440p, and comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio. So due to these excellent specifications and having a curved design this monitor offers the best viewing experience. The display is great, colors are amazing, and offers you good wide viewing angles.

This monitor comes with a 6-axis color enhancement feature, allow you to individually adjust the 6 primary colors (magenta, blue, green, yellow, red, and cyan). It also has a hue and saturation fine tuning option and supports HDR10 content, provides you great contrast and vivid colors. The color accuracy is excellent having 100% SRGB comes with Delta E<2 value, Rec.709 also a perfect choice for color-critical work and one of the best monitor for software development.

On this 34 inch monitor, you can comfortably do your multitasking because it has a view split feature. You can choose the pre-defined template or create your own layout to divide the screen into multiple windows according to your requirements. Ports available with this monitor are HDMI, USB type-c, display port, and its stand allow the tilt, swivel, and height adjustment.

The refresh rate is 100 Hz, delivers a smooth viewing experience in the fast-moving scenes and due to AMD FREESYNC technology, eliminates the image tearing and stuttering.

Final Thoughts

This monitor has great display result and having excellent pixel density, gives you high detail picture quality and a clear reading experience even in small size text. The design is curved, borders are narrow, and equipped with built-in speakers. The gaming specifications are decent enough and also the best monitor for web development.

  • Excellent brightness and color accuracy
  • Large and curved display
  • High resolution
  • AMD FREESYNC technology
  • No pivot adjustment
  • Button design is not good

3. ASUS PB328Q (Best Computer Monitor for Poor Eyesight)

best computer monitor for poor eyesight


This ASUS monitor has a 32-inch display and comes with 2560 X 1440 pixels maximum screen resolution, provide you best screen quality, greater image details, and more onscreen space.

It has a 100% sRGB color gamut, 10-bit color, 12-bit lookup table which offers you great color accuracy, also a good choice for designing work. This monitor has an IPS panel which gives you a 178 degree wide viewing angle, so the color accuracy remains the same even if you look from different angles.

Blue lights from the monitor cause eye strain, headaches, etc, and people who have poor eyesight cannot sit for a longer period of time. But don’t worry this best computer monitor for eyes comes with a low blue light filter that protects your eyes from harmful blue light.

This 32-inch monitor has 4 different filter settings which you can easily select from the OSD menu according to your requirement. It also comes with ASUS flicker-free technology which works excellent and having a good contrast ratio. The stand is ergonomically designed, allows swivel, pivot, tilt, and height adjustment. In terms of connectivity, this flicker-free monitor has HDMI, DVI-D, display port, and also VESA mount compatible.

You can also view your content from multiple sources because it has picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture mode, perfect choice for multitasking. Some other features are, it comes with built-in speakers, maximum brightness is 300 CD/M² and borders are narrow.

Final Thoughts

So overall this monitor is a perfect choice for reading documents, pixel density is great and its eye care technology is excellent, offers great comfort to the eyes.

  • IPS technology
  • Blue light filter
  • Ergonomic stand
  • Flicker-free technology
  • Design is average
  • Swivel function is a bit tight

4. Samsung 32 inch Curved Monitor

best computer display for eyes


Looking for a monitor which has a curved design and affordable then you have to look at this monitor. It comes with a 32-inch display and the maximum screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Due to its 1800R curvature, it gives you an immersive viewing experience and a big, bold panoramic view due to which you can comfortably view your content.

This budget 1080p monitor has Samsung Active crystal color technology, provides you stunning vivid colors. The contrast ratio is 5000:1, delivers brighter white and deeper black so you can experience the best screen quality even in the brightest or in the darkest scene.

This Samsung monitor has ultra-slim design, comes with a circular stand, and available in white glossy color. Its AMD-FREE SYNC technology eliminates the screen tearing and Game mode technology optimizes the screen colors, contrast for the best viewing experience.

The response rate is 4ms and it comes with HDMI, display port. If you want to buy a monitor for professional gaming then due to its 4ms response rate, 60 Hz refresh rate not an excellent choice for you but it works best for other tasks. You can only tilt this monitor from -2 to 22 degrees, brightness is 250 CD/M², and also wall mount compatible.

Final Thoughts

Coming towards the conclusion of this best 1080p 60 Hz monitor, it has plenty of large viewing screen, the design is good but the pixel density is not great. The contrast ratio is excellent and having good wide viewing angle.

  • Large screen size
  • Good display
  • Colors are brilliant
  • Energy-saving feature
  • Average response rate
  • Stand is not ergonomic
  • Not high pixels

5. BENQ Monitor (Best Monitor for Bad Eyes)

best computer monitor for eyes


This is another one of the best eye care monitor under 300 dollars, gives you great eye comfort even you sit for a longer period of time. It comes with some excellent specifications and one of the recommended monitor for reading documents and office work.

The screen size is 27 inch and due to its 2560 X 1440 pixels QHD display, provides you excellent clarity so you can comfortably view the content. This 27-inch monitor having a 99% sRGB wide color gamut and the colors are also great.

This best monitor for eyes comes with flicker-free technology which eliminates the flickers from the screen and having low blue light mode, minimizes the eye strain and fatigue in long working sessions. It also comes with EPAPER mode, ideal choice for reading books, documents for a longer period of time, and having an eye reminder feature.

Its brightness intelligence plus technology detects the light level of your viewing environment and automatically adjusts onscreen colors, brightness for more clear details. The design is one of the best on the list and borders are also narrow, perfect for a dual monitor setup.

The response rate is 5ms, refresh rate is 60 Hz and it has an HDRI custom optimization option that enhances the contrast and image clarity. Ports equipped with this 27-inch monitor are HDMI, display port, and built-in speakers are also available.

Final Thoughts

Coming to the conclusion, this is one of the best monitor for long working hours having IPS technology which provides you best display result and 178 degrees wide viewing angle. It has great flicker-free technology, low blue light, and EPAPER mode. So those who have poor eyesight and mostly reads books, documents, or looking for a home, office monitor then this is one of them.

  • Eye care technology
  • EPAPER mode
  • Good resolution
  • Beautiful IPS display
  • Frameless design
  • HDR need improvements
  • The stand has no adjustments
  • 60 Hz only

6. SCEPTRE Curved Ultra-wide Monitor for Eyes

computer monitor


This is another best computer monitor for poor eyesight on which you can smoothly play games and also comfortably do your work. It has a 30-inch curved screen, maximum screen resolution is 2560 X 1080 pixels and the aspect ratio is 21:9.

Its Blue light filter technology protects your eyes from strains, irritation, and fatigue when you are working or playing games for many hours. You can tilt its display from -3 to 10 degrees according to your need for the best comfortable position.

This monitor is Adaptive-Sync compatible, the response rate is 1ms, and refresh rate is 85hz, reduces the ghosting, blurring, and provides a good gaming experience. Some more important features are it has built-in speakers, design is edgeless and it comes with two HDMI and display port.

Final Thoughts

So if you are looking for a monitor which has good display result and having decent enough gaming specifications then this monitor is the best choice for you. On this monitor, you can clearly view the small size text and also provide you immersive viewing experience.

  • Curved display
  • Eye care feature
  • Plenty of good gaming specifications
  • Great Picture quality
  • No height adjustments
  • Average speakers

7. Philips 273V7QJAB (Best Monitor for Poor Eyesight)

best computer monitor for poor eyesight


You have a limited budget and looking for the best computer monitor for eye strain then this is one of the perfect option for you. On this monitor, you can comfortably do the work on any application and offers you the best image quality.

It has a Full HD 27 inches display having 1920 X 1080 pixels maximum screen resolution and 16: 9 aspect ratio. This budget computer monitor has IPS technology which gives you the best viewing experience with vivid colors and this monitor is ideal for web browsing, office work, and for students, teachers.

Easy read mode and low blue mode are one of the best features of this monitor through which you can comfortably read documents for many hours. It has smart contrast and smart image technology that analyzes your content on the screen and automatically adjusts the color, backlight intensity, contrast, sharpness, etc, and gives you an optimized display.

Design is great having ultra-narrow borders provide you maximum viewing screen, and also work best in a multi-monitor setup. Response time is 5ms, refresh rate is 60Hz and you can tilt this monitor from -5 to 20 degrees. It comes with all important ports and having a built-in speaker.

Final Thoughts

This monitor has excellent image quality and comes with a great wide viewing angle, also perfect for sharing the screen. The eye care technology is excellent but the stand has limited adjustment.

  • Easy read mode
  • Great display
  • Ultra-narrow borders
  • IPS display
  • No Adaptive-Sync
  • Average stand and button
  • Low sound level


Finally, this article best computer monitor for poor eyesight is over. When you want to buy a monitor, it must have great eye care technology and the display should be large. We recommend the Dell UltraSharp U3415W, BenQ EW2780Q or you can select according to your need.

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