Are you confused is 32 inch monitor too big for home, office, or gaming purposes or not then this guide is for you.

A 32-inch monitor is not too big in size, so you can comfortably do your regular computing work and it is also a good choice for gaming. But you should know that the ideal size monitor depends on its screen resolution and from which distance you are viewing the display.

If you have a large desk space then a 32-inch monitor is also not a bad choice. Due to the large size monitor, less scrolling is required and you don’t need a lot of head movement.

is 32 inch monitor too big


Monitors come with different screen sizes such as 24, 27 32, 49 inches and screen resolutions are also different for example 1080 pixels, 1440p, and 4k resolution. If you are looking for 1080p screen resolution then don’t go for a 32-inch monitor due to average pixel density. Pixel density is the ratio between screen resolution and size. High pixel density means high detail picture quality and low pixel density means pixelated pictures.

For a 32 inch monitor, if you don’t have a budget problem then we recommend a 4k or 1440p screen resolution.

You are looking for 1080p screen resolution then go for that monitor which has a screen size of up to 25 inches. The ideal screen resolution for 27 inches monitor is 1440p.

32-Inch Monitor Bad for Eyes?

A 32-inch monitor is not bad for the eyes, it gives you large viewing space and minimizes eye fatigue. If possible buy that monitor which comes with low blue light and flicker-free technology because it minimizes eye strain and fatigue in long sessions.

Advantages of 32 inch Monitor
  1. 32-inch monitors are best for sharing the screen with colleagues.
  2. You can clearly view text even the text size is small.
  3. You can easily do the multitasking work and increases productivity.
  4. If the resolution is high, you will get the best viewing experience due to sharp picture quality, so less eye fatigue.

Conclusion of Is 32 inch monitor Too Big

Now coming to the conclusion, a 32-inch monitor is not too big, it is a perfect size monitor for your gaming and office work. But go for 4k resolution or has a 1440p screen resolution. If the 32-inch monitor has a 1080p screen resolution then you will get a low pixel density.

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