In this guide, we are discussing the different panel types such as TN, IPS, VA. We also discuss which panel type is best for gaming, daily computing task, graphic designing, and for other color-critical work. Each panel type has pros and cons, so when you are buying a monitor you should know that which panel type is ideal for me.

To make your work easy, in this guide we briefly discuss the three important panel types with different advantages and disadvantages and we hope after reading this guide you will get some valuable information about TN, IPS, VA panels.



TN Panel

TN (Twisted NEMATIC) panel is best choice for gamers because even affordable monitors have excellent response time such as (1ms) and refresh rate (144Hz). These specifications eliminate ghosting, motion blur in a different fast-moving scene and provide you smooth gaming experience.

But monitors that come with TN panel has narrow-wide viewing angles and color reproduction is also average, not a good choice for color-critical work. So when you look at the display from skewed angles you will not get the same image quality and its brightness, contrast is also not great from skewed angles.

Coming towards the conclusion, even if you have a limited budget and looking for high specifications gaming monitor then a TN panel is a good choice for you. Some expensive monitor has good colors but not great as IPS and VA panel.

IPS Panel

IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel offers you 178 degree wide viewing angle and provides you excellent color accuracy, perfect for graphic designing, color-critical work. Due to the wide viewing angle, also a good choice for sharing the screen and when you look at the content from different angles still you will get the same image quality.

Response time is not great as compared to the TN panel but nowadays some monitors have a good response rate and refresh rate, which offers you a smooth gaming experience but they are expensive. IPS glow is also one of the drawback of IPS monitor and the contrast ratio is also not great.

So if you are a designer and looking for a monitor that provides you excellent color accuracy then the IPS monitor is recommended for you.

VA Panel

VA (Vertical Alignment) panel has an excellent contrast ratio as compared to TN and IPS panel, gives you deeper blacks and brighter white. They have decent color accuracy and good viewing angle as compare to the TN panel but not great as IPS technology. Some monitor also offers you excellent wide viewing angles but still color shift occurs, this color shift is less noticeable as compared to TN panel.

The response time is the same as IPS technology but mostly professional gamers go for TN or IPS panel as compared to VA. Coming towards the conclusion, VA monitors are best for office use, daily computing tasks, and come with better viewing angles.

Conclusion of TN VS IPS VS VA

Thanks for reading this guide, if your work is related to graphic designing then an IPS panel is recommended for you. For home and office use, VA monitor is best due to good viewing angle, decent color accuracy, and also comes with excellent contrast ratio. If you don’t care much about color accuracy and looking for an affordable gaming monitor having excellent response time and refresh rate then go for a TN panel.

But you should also know that nowadays monitor that has IPS technology also comes with great gaming specifications but they are expensive.

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