Want to know what does 144hz mean and what are the advantages of a 144hz monitor in playing different modern games then you are at the right place.

What is 144 Hz?

First I will tell you what is refresh rate, so you can easily understand the meaning of 144 Hz. The refresh rate is the number of times a screen refreshes in seconds to show the next image and the unit is hertz (Hz). So if you have a monitor which comes with a 144 Hz refresh rate then your display refreshes 144 images per second to show a new image. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother display result because the images you see refresh quicker.

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Comparison Between 60 Hz Monitor

If you have a 60 Hz monitor then 60 images refresh in one second, so you will see the less smooth display result as compared to 144 Hz monitor in fast-moving scenes. Coming towards the conclusion, when you switch from a 60hz monitor to 144 Hz, the best viewing experience you will get.

what does 144hz mean

What is the Difference between Frames per Second and Refresh Rate?

Refresh Rate

The monitor refresh rate is, how many times the image is updated on the monitor in one second.

Frames per Second

Frames rendered on the graphic card per second.

Is a 144 Hz monitor worth it for gaming?

The short answer is yes because a 144 Hz gaming monitor, provides you a responsive gaming experience in competitive games. If your opponent has a 60 Hz monitor then you also get an advantage over your opponent due to quicker frame loads. Another best advantage of a higher refresh rate is, it also lowers the input lag and reduces the screen tearing.

But you should know that for the best gaming result, frames created by GPU must also be equal to the monitor refresh rate. For example, if the monitor supports a 144 Hz refresh rate, GPU must also give 144 fps (frames per second) then you will get the advantage of a smooth gaming experience else screen tearing occurs.

Pros of 144 Hz Monitor

  • 144hz monitor best for competitive or action games.
  • You will get the clear display result.
  • You will get the smooth viewing in fast moving scenes.
Final Thoughts

So if you are a gamer and want to play competitive games then a 144 Hz monitor is the perfect choice for you. The display refreshes the images twice, fast as compared to a 60 Hz monitor, and gives a smoother viewing experience. We hope after reading this guide on what does 144hz Mean, you will get some valuable information.

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