Are you confused why are 144 Hz monitors so expensive then this guide is for you.

If you looked at the price of a monitor which has a 144 Hz refresh rate then you have noticed they are more expensive as compared to the 75 or 60 Hz monitor. The main reason is, they are in high demand and provide you best gaming experience due to the high refresh rate.

Monitors come with different panel types such as TN, VA, and IPS. Most monitors which have a 144hz refresh rate and come with IPS technology are more expensive as compared to 144hz monitor which has TN or VA technology.

List of Best 144hz Monitors

why are 144hz monitors so expensive

Some other Reasons Why are 144 Hz monitors so expensive

  • These monitors provide you smoothing viewing experience in fast racing or action games.
  • Due to the 144 Hz gaming monitor, you will get an advantage over your opponents.
  • These monitors uses advanced technology and display refreshes 144 times per second. If your monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate then your display refreshes 60 times per second that is why 144 Hz monitors are more expensive than 60 Hz monitors.
  • IPS 144 Hz monitors offer you wide viewing angles and excellent accuracy, so this is also one of the reason. The price of a 144 Hz monitor which comes with a TN or VA panel is less expensive than IPS 144hz monitors.

144 Hz Monitor Worth it for Gaming

Yes, 144 Hz monitors are worth it for gaming because they eliminate the ghosting, screen tearing and provide you a smooth gaming experience. But you should know that for the best gaming experience GPU must also give 144 fps (frames per second).

What are the pros of 144 Hz Monitor?

  1. These monitors are best for competitive games.
  2. Provide you immersive gaming experience in fast action scenes.
  3. Images refresh quickly.
  4. Delivers you clear display result.
  5. If 144 Hz monitor comes with IPS technology then you will get accurate colors.
Difference between IPS VS VA VS TN panels

IPS Panel

IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel gives you 178-degree viewing angles and the colors of these monitors are excellent. Due to its excellent wide viewing angles, you will get accurate colors from skewed angles.

TN Panel

TN (Twisted NEMATIC) panels are best for gaming and they are not expensive but colors are not great and have average wide viewing angles.

VA Panel

VA (Vertical Alignment) panel has good colors, wide viewing angles but not great than IPS panel. Most monitor which has VA technology come with an excellent contrast ratio.

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